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The Real Estate Emerging Managers ("REEM") Summit will create an interactive platform for real estate pension fund investors to interact with one another and share ideas in a protected environment. The innovative format for this program will be one that truly encourages dialogue and relationship building in the institutional real estate community. One of the primary goals of this event is to create an affordable venue for second and third time real estate emerging managers to share their insights and wisdom with first time funds, as well as for all real estate emerging managers to obtain meaningful feedback from investors. The Summit will provide many opportunities for intensive discussions and networking with peers.

Summit Hosts

Employees Retirement System of Texas 

Employees Retirement System of Texas (“ERS”) enhances the lives of our participants through the delivery of quality benefits at a reasonable cost. ERS administers retirement, health, and other insurance benefits, TexFlex, a tax-savings flexible benefit program, and 401(k) and 457 investment accounts as part of the Texa$aver Program. We also manage and invest the ERS Trust for the sole benefit of retirement system members.

In 1947, Texas established retirement benefits for state appointed officers and employees. Since that time, ERS benefit retirement plans have provided a stable source of income for retired State of Texas employees, law enforcement officers, judges, and elected officials.

ERS manages retirement trust assets of approximately $26 billion on behalf of state employees and retirees, who are the beneficiaries of the Trust. Investment returns continue to be the largest funding component of retirement benefits, accounting for 65% of the value of the ERS Trust. 

ERS also manages health benefits for more than half a million public employees, retirees, and their families through the Texas Employees Group Benefits Program (GBP). Funding for retirement benefits provided under the GBP is determined every two years and is paid for through member and employer contributions.

The state health care and retirement plans are a good investment. The trust fund invests in Texas businesses, and retirees spend the vast majority of their retirement funds in Texas. The benefits provide a significant economic benefit in every community in Texas, from small towns to big cities, every time a participant pays for health care services.

Teacher Retirement System of Texas

Teacher Retirement System of Texas (“TRS”) has been serving the needs of Texas public education employees for more than 70 years. In November 1936, voters approved an amendment to the Constitution of Texas creating a statewide teacher retirement system. With the passage of enabling legislation passed in 1937, TRS was officially formed.

More than 38,000 eligible teachers participated during TRS's first year of existence. The original responsibility of the System was to provide service and disability retirement benefits to teachers and administrators of the public school systems of Texas, including institutions of higher education. In 1949, legislation expanded membership eligibility to all employees of public education institutions. In 1985, TRS was assigned responsibility for administering a health insurance program for public school retirees. In 1995, TRS was authorized to offer a health insurance program for active public school employees, as well. In 2001, TRS was given the responsibility of administering a new statewide health care program for eligible public school employees and dependents called TRS-ActiveCare.

Article 16, Section 67, of the Texas Constitution charters the System to provide retirement and related benefits for those employed by the public schools, colleges, and universities supported by the State of Texas.

The System is responsible for investing funds under its stewardship and for delivering benefits to members as authorized by the Texas Legislature. TRS is a defined benefit plan, with retirement benefits determined by a pre-established formula. The trust fund is sustained principally by three sources -- contributions by members during their working careers, contributions by the state, and investment revenues.

TRS is the largest public retirement system in Texas in both membership and assets. The agency serves nearly 1,504,000 participants – 1,110,026 are public and higher education members, and 393,914 are retirement recipients. As of August 31, 2016, System net assets totaled approximately $153 billion.

Oak Street Real Estate Capital

Oak Street Real Estate Capital, LLC ("Oak Street") is a private equity real estate firm based in Chicago, Illinois. Oak Street manages both commingled funds and separate accounts on behalf of institutional and high net worth investors, including public and corporate pension plans, insurance companies, family offices and trusts. Oak Street is a minority and women-owned business enterprise.


This event is designed to be “invitation-only” in order to ensure an appropriate mix of real estate emerging managers and investors. This invitation is valid only for the named recipient. If you have received information about this event and are interested in receiving an invitation, please contact  info@reemsummit.com and we will do our best to accommodate you.